Location Tiverton-Portsmouth, Rhode Island
Client Cardi Corporation
Contract Amount $34,600,000

The project consisted of the installation of foundation support systems for the Sakonnet River Bridge Project which included furnishing and installing approximately 7,338 LF of 72” pipe piles within the Sakonnet River, as well as, furnishing and installing approximately 51,525 LF of H-Section Steel Piles for the land-based foundations.  The installation of the 72” pipe piles required the design and construction of substantial falsework systems (driving templates) consisting of heavy structural steel framework and timber decking at each pier within the Sakonnet River.  At the completion of the 72” pipe pile installation, the driving templates were removed and a floating form system (Cashman custom design) was installed.  This floating cofferdam, with inside dimensions of 41’ x 75’, was sealed utilizing a concrete tremie and subsequently dewatered to allow the general contractor to proceed with the installation of the pier foundations.

The land-based work required the installation of steel sheet pile cofferdams (earth support systems) at six foundations with the subsequent installation of H-Section steel piles.  The earth support systems included waler and strut systems and after the completion of steel pile installation allowed for the removal of river water and groundwater for subsequent installation of the pier foundations to be done in dry conditions.