As a complement to our existing marine fleet, Cashman Equipment has developed numerous marine accommodation units over the recent years to meet specific needs of our customer base.

Since 2009 we have had two units working in the North Caspian Sea under extreme weather conditions with temperatures ranging from 100°F to -40°F with heavy icing in winter months. The units provide 588 beds, full galley and mess, infirmary, water making capabilities, sewer plant, electric generation capability and other necessary appurtenances which allow for independent autonomy on site.  The Caspian Sea is a challenging region logistically regardless of the weather.   Our client has been fully satisfied, with no interruption in services.

Cashman Equipment has also developed inland floating accommodation vessels that have been used in the Gulf of Mexico following hurricane Katrina and as recently as the BP oil spill in 2010. The accommodations were provided to house teams of workers in remote areas to assist in all aspects of response and recovery work.

Whether your project requires accommodations of as few as 15 people or greater than 500, Cashman Equipment has the experience and capabilities to meet all your flotel accommodation needs. If we do not have what you need immediately available, we can aggressively work to put together a package on many of our existing barges and physical plant systems. Our fleet of over 120 barges worldwide can be refitted to meet your needs.

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