Cashman Equipment Corp. (CEC) specializes in marine and general (heavy civil) construction. The Company has both the expertise and the equipment to provide the highest levels of services and products available in the marine industry.

The Cashman family has been in the construction business, both offshore and on, for over 100 years. James Cashman continues his family’s legacy with Cashman Equipment's Marine & General Construction Division, working in areas such as: dredging, pile driving, concrete work, pier and dock construction, bridge construction, shore protection and other marine structures, removal work, gas and oil field support services, marine salvage work, and other related work.

In addition to many projects for various state, local, regional, U.S. Governmental agencies and large private companies, the Cashman Equipment team members have managed many projects relating to the two multi-billion dollar super projects that occurred in the Boston area, the Boston Harbor Cleanup Program at Deer Island and the Central Artery/Tunnel Project (CA/T), the so called "Big Dig", in Boston.

The experience of Cashman Equipment's construction division, coupled with Cashman Equipment's fleet of vessels and equipment, enable Cashman Equipment Corp. to take on the most challenging of Marine Construction projects anywhere in the world.