Cashman Equipment offers barges and tug packages both nationally and internationally to assist our clients with cargo movements all over the world. Cashman Equipment, along with our affiliate towing company, Servicio Marina Superior, has assets in every major ocean available to move your cargo where it needs to go. Our fleet is extensive and well-maintained, with barges ranging from 140’ up to 400’ feet in length and our tugs are all new and well maintained. Where ever your cargo needs to go, we can tow these barges ourselves or outsource the horsepower necessary to move your cargo anywhere in the world.

The commitment to quality reporting and communications is critical to successful cost management of your project cargo movements. At Cashman Equipment and Servicio Marina Superior you will find that this communication starts beginning with our quotation for movement, through the contract negotiations, and all the way through the actual movement of your cargo. Our goal is to ensure the cargo arrives safely, on time and within budget.