Location San Juan, Puerto Rico
Client U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Contract Amount $27,500,000

This project was located in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This heavy and marine construction project involved pile load testing, pile driving of 18” diameter pipe piles for foundation support for structures, concrete piles, 48” diameter pipe piles with steel sheet diaphragms for cantilever retaining walls along the Puerto Nuevo River retaining a highway on one side of the river and a landfill on the other side of the river, steel sheeting for cofferdams including construction of the cofferdams with walers and cross lot bracing systems, steel sheet tie-backed walls, reinforced concrete walls and caps on the pipe pile and sheet pile structures, 90” pre-stressed concrete sewer line, large reinforced cast-in –place underground concrete structures (up to approximately 31’ x 22’ in length and width and 25’ in height) used in influent, effluent and diversion structures for the sewer line, reinforced concrete air release structures (17’ x 11’ x 20’) for water lines, a complex construction of a 600’ long siphon under a 600’ wide river to depths over 30’ below the river surface with the siphon made up of five large diameter HDPE pipes of 32” to 48” diameter carrying three sewer lines and two water lines, dredging and unclassified excavation of 1,600,000 c.y. of each material with both upland disposal of a portion and ocean disposal of the larger quantity, demolition, and other site work.