In October 2008 Cashman Equipment Corp. (CEC) was contracted by Ersai to design, construct, deliver and operate two Floatels. Each vessel was required to provide a minimum POB of 250.  The vessels were required to be fully autonomous for a minimum of 12 days on location. Cashman constructed 90% of both vessels in Amelia, Louisiana. This work took place between November 2008 and April 2009. Once the work was completed in Amelia, Louisiana, the vessels were transported via Heavy Lift ship into the Black Sea where they were offloaded.


The vessels were then towed through the Volga Don canal system to Astrakhan, Russia for the final outfitting, reclassification and  commissioning for our client. The vessels arrived at their final location, D Island in the North Caspian Sea, where they have operated successfully for the last 3 years. As part of our contract requirement CEC was required to open a Kazakhstan Registered company and operate using as much local content as possible. Cashman Caspian LLP was founded and coordinated all labor and logistics inside Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan has offered a very challenging environment to conduct operations, from simple labor and logistics to a climate ranging from  -40 to +45 degrees Celsius.



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